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Boppy Full Body Side Sleeping Pillow, Mirage White and Grey

Boppy Full Body Side Sleeping Pillow, Mirage White and Grey


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    All-around comfort for your bump, lower back, hips, neck, and shoulders in a full-body design. Versatile positioning allows you to use your favorite bed pillow while getting the pregnancy support you need, or you can position the maternity pillow to use for your head as well. The Boppy Full Body Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow keeps you comfortable in the doctor recommended side sleeping position while giving total body support. Signature stretch panel keeps pillow in place while sleeping, lounging, or sitting as your belly grows. The Boppy Full Body Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow was smartly designed to give you the support you need at every stage of pregnancy while looking chic on the bed while not in use. Two connected pillows stretch around you to give you all-around support. The pillows will not spread out of place during the night because they are connected by the unique stay-put design. The side pillow can easily be removed, and the cover can be stored into itself for added versatility and longevity. The best pregnancy pillow for pregnancy and beyond. Jampacked with design features to keep you more comfortable, the flex-support allows you to reposition without having to move the pillow and allows for you to get up easily for those middle-of-the-night interruptions. The pillows and the pillow cover are both machine washable, so it is easy to keep clean. The Boppy Full Body Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow is part of a full line of Boppy maternity pillows designed to support the varying needs of pregnancy. All pregnancy pillows support pre- and post-birth and help you get comfortable while sitting or sleeping.

    • TOTAL BODY SUPPORT: Comfort for your head, neck, shoulders, hips, lower back, and bump
    • SIDE SLEEPING COMFORT: Signature supportive stretch panel grows with your changing body
    • EASY-UP DESIGN: All-around body support that allows you to easily get up for those nighttime interruptions
    • FLEX-SUPPORT: Provides flexible comfort without having to change the pillow’s position
    • FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE: Pillows and removable cover are all machine washable
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