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Maxi Cosi 360o Baby Monitor See Pro

Maxi Cosi 360o Baby Monitor See Pro


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    Stay connected to your child, even when you’re apart, with the See Pro 360° Baby Monitor from Maxi-Cosi. The See Pro 360 features groundbreaking CryAssist™ technology* powered by Zoundream, which translates your little one’s cries using AI so you’ll know if they are sleepy, fussy, gassy, agitated, or hungry. Other baby monitors detect a child’s cries but by knowing just what your baby is feeling, you’ll be able to respond to their needs more quickly. Your little one is communicating with you, and with CryAssist, now you’ll know what they are saying. Our 2K Ultra HD live-streaming monitor also features crystal-clear daytime color and advanced night vision, with remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom. The included Parent Display has a rechargeable battery, MicroSD for saving memories, two-way talk, and a 600' range. In addition, the Parent Display doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection, so it’s perfect for travel.

    • CryAssist™ translates your little one’s cries with advanced AI so you’ll know if baby is sleepy, fussy, gassy, agitated, or hungry.
    • By knowing what your baby is feeling, you’ll be able to respond to their needs more quickly.
    • 2K Ultra HD live stream with daytime color and ultra-clear night vision
    • Use with smartphone, parent display, or both. Supports split-screen video streaming.
    • Parent Display: 5" 720p with convenient kickstand; non-Wi-Fi capable up to 600’ using 900MHz Secure FHSS technology (Note: CryAssist requires Wi-Fi for the monitor to report details on the Parent Display).
    • Remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom.
    • Rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of run time (3000 mAh).
    • Two-way talk.
    • Built-in soother with lullabies and white noise.
    • Temperature and humidity sensors.
    • Monitor set-up is simple with dual-band network compatibility (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz).
    • Pairs with our easy-to-use, family-friendly Connected Family App, which allows you to create the optimal environment, set the mood, and monitor and comfort your child.
    • Access to Baby Diary, where you can track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and more.
    • Suitable for wall or tabletop with mounts (cord management hardware included).
    • Noise and motion detection, Background audio enabled.
    • Securely share access with other caregivers.
    • Includes 2 USB adapters and type-c cables for monitor (9.9’) and Parent Display (3’).
    • Parent Display and baby monitor support MicroSD cards up to 256GB.
    • Save videos with 30-day free trial to Connected Cloud or use MicroSD card (not included).
    • Compatible with iOS 10.0 or later, iPhone, iPad, and Android 64-bit devices, Android 7.0 or later. Not compatible with Amazon Fire OS or Chrome OS.
    • Cry detection takes place directly on the device. Only cries are presented to our cloud-based machine learning algorithm for translation. This means that everyday conversation doesn't leave the inside of your home.
    • Cries and cry data are encrypted. Data is transmitted to our cloud using HTTPS
    • Cries are analyzed anonymously. Our cloud does not know who the cry belongs to; it only identifies which device to return the result to.
    • In an effort to improve translation algorithms, our partner Zoundream may retain cry analysis data, including audio recordings, for a period of time. Zoundream never receives any personally identifiable information (PII) linking the audio recording to a specific baby or consumer account.
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